Monday, March 2, 2009

Life's Little Victories

I know my girls are extraordinarily smart and beautiful, of course (!), but in other ways they leave something to be desired. Their eating habits, for instance.

When they were really little they ate almost anything once. They loved or hated it. And when next offered, we would get the opposite reaction. Beth and Laura used to always react opposite from the other, which was both predictable and maddening for me. They've gotten over it luckily.

I also occasionally see other kinds of reactions that I don't always like, even if it's approval of the food.

I'm sure that wouldn't be appropriate at the Queen's table. But she's eating her veggies and you have to be happy about that. And they all liked the "brain food" (salmon) that we served with the salad.

The other small victory today was finding my camera. I knew I had it on Saturday, but couldn't remember where I put it. I wish it had a homing device on it like my cordless phone. Anyway, clearer pictures will be shown in the future. I found it tucked safely into a drawer so that I wouldn't get paint on it. I'll show off that project when it's done. Soon.

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