Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Like a Lamb

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. Warm and sunny. I'm well aware that that means something different for everyone depending on where they live.

While other gardening bloggers talk about spring, this is my view this morning.

It's okay. This is normal and good for the garden. I keep telling myself that.

We never use this feeder for the birds because it's always full of snow. And I don't like sunflowers sprouting in this particular spot.

Tamara may recognize some of these pots. They originate from Darvonda. Spring is miraculous here and in a few months I'll have things like this happening.

It's great to look back at my pictures to cheer me up.

And just to keep me focussed on the potential rather than the here-and-now outside, I've got these happening indoors.

Beth reminded me kindly about the good weather yesterday and that March is now predicted to go out "out like a lion". I'm not looking forward to that, but my plants should still be insulated outdoors with a blanket of snow. And the little ones will still be safely indoors.

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Rosa said...

There are a LOT of seedlings there Ev! :)