Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bathroom update

It's crazy how much work this whole basement project is.  And it's crazy how much brain space it takes up.  I'm checking out the quality and installation of baseboards wherever I go, looking for good/bad drywall installation, noticing tile patterns and flooring.  I'd like to turn it off, but I can't.

And everything is harder than it seems.  I know how to install light fixtures, have done them before.  But these ones came with really long screws so they don't fit flush.  And the screws kept falling while I was trying to line them up with the holes.  I usually keep my language pretty clean, but I had to make loud sounds in order to get Yvon down to help.  And although I usually do the fix-its around here, he often has practical advice that keeps my language family-friendly.  In this case, we put tape on the backs of the screws and they stayed put.  Tape.  Who knew?

A friend came over and pulled one of the fixtures off the wall to see what I'd done and now he is willing to come by and help.  But when?  Everyone is so busy that I hesitate to ask for any favours that involve time.  I may take another stab at it.  I have another idea that just might work.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that laying lino was easy.  A bit awkward in the cramped space, but I was done in about an hour and it looks great.

One day last week Laura had to wait 20 minutes to get into the bathroom in the morning and then had to make it an up-do hair day as a result.  If the school would allow it, a hat would have been a great option.  I vowed that we would shower downstairs on the weekend.

That was my big push.  Now that the floor and shower are sealed, I just need to get the shower fixture installed.  I didn't think it would be hard (I've had it talked through), but it seems that one of the brass holes on the inside of the wall isn't threaded properly and I can't get it on.  AAARRGH! Foiled again. By a tiny hole and a screw.

AND I tried the shower anyway and can't get any hot water.  None at all.  The plan now is to get the sink in place and call the plumber to finish the job.  If there is no hot water, it's their fault, and if that screw hole really isn't threaded properly, it's also their fault.  They bought and install the internal parts for me.  It's so frustrating.  Nothing should have been this hard.  I paid people to get the hard stuff done.  Or so I thought.

With the success of the lino, I had to try one more light fixture before going to bed one night.  After all the swearing over the bathroom lights, this one went up with no problem.  I wish I was using these fixtures everywhere.  So easy.  I can't find my picture, but it's just a simple, small fixture.  Nothing fancy.

Next up...laminate flooring and ceiling trim.  It looks like a lot of flooring, but it's just enough to do the 2 bedrooms and the hallway (when we get there).

And learning to use this awesome big power tool borrowed from a friend.