Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I don't actually call myself a blogger anymore because it's just too sad to see this empty space. 

However, if you're following the blog, this may be the best place to tell you.

I got a job!

Not that I haven't been working every year of my life.  I've done all sorts of things in the last few years, including editing, formatting, designing corporate stationery, administration, invigilating (proctoring) exams, reception and writing notes. 

Lately it's added up to almost a full time job and it's all very interesting.  What other job lets you learn about house framing, stress management and coding in SQL all in one day?  And then watching over the writing of exams for an hour or two?  It's fun and every one of those tasks actually includes a whole lot more, but that's maybe a nice, simple way to describe my days.  I'm certainly not leaving this job due to the environment or the tasks or the great people around me. 

However, it isn't actually full-time.  It feels like full-time because I'm out of the house a lot.  But there are gaps between classes, or classes are cancelled and I don't have to be there.  Or students get sick and I can't attend classes without them, or they have a scheduled exam during which I am not there.  And school holidays (that don't coincide with my kids' school holidays) and summer holidays are all unpaid.

There are obviously positives to that too that I had to consider before accepting a full-time job.  I won't have those summer holidays anymore to play with and garden in.  I won't be able to buy groceries in the middle of the day between classes or sleep an extra hour because class isn't until 9:15.  And I'll miss the people.  And it feels good to provide a needed service to students.

But here's the thing.  I have teenagers.  Teenagers are expensive.  They eat as much as adults or more.  They use tons of water (but I'm glad they're clean now).  Their activities are more expensive.  We can't really afford teenagers on 1 1/2 income.   

But now I'll get paid more.  I know from semester to semester what my hours will be.  I'll get benefits to top up Yvon's benefits.  Holidays will be paid.  I'll be learning new things, challenged in new ways, meeting new people.    It shouldn't all be about money, and it isn't really.  There's always more, but the money does/should allow for a slightly different lifestyle for us.

So, the new job?  Back to Hewlett-Packard. I'll be working with a friend as his Project Administrator.  It's almost a government job, being located in their client's facilities, but hopefully has the attitudes and work ethic of still being a private corporation.  I know that some government jobs are great, but in my experience, I'd prefer to be in the private world.

Anyway, Easter Monday is my first official day.  You gotta like that it's also my first paid holiday of my new career.  So expect me to blog less because I'll be working more.

                                    (I know.  Blog less?  Less than what?)