Monday, January 5, 2015

Almost there!

Spurred on by Laura's birthday and our promise to get her into her own bedroom by then, we worked very hard tonight and are so close!

Come on a tour with me.

This is Laura's bedroom door. 

Open the door to see Laura's paintwork.

I love it!  And in a rectangular room with little in the way of architectural detail, we did a little something on the ceiling for a bit of interest. 

And the bare lightbulb?  There is a small chandelier waiting to be installed.  And a lovely closet all to herself.  Ignore the wood filler and primer-colored doors.  I'll take pictures again when the details are all there.

Laura is working on a small dresser to go in there, and we have all of the fixings for the interior, but not until we paint the baseboards and trim.

I wish I had this light in my closet.

Utilitarian and sort of funky.  I found it at a garage sale and wish they had two for sale.

All the painting and trimwork will be done before the weekend.  Yay!  The primer on the doors is particularly distracting and ugly.

Beth's room is a bit behind because of some built-ins, but it won't be long either.

And we're still loving the bathroom.  It seems like such a luxury to have TWO working bathrooms in the house.

There's still trim and small things to be done here as well (like a mirror), but it's functioning so we're trying to move the girls in before we finish up.

It had felt so small as we were working on it and measuring things out, but it feels quite spacious now that it's almost done.

And it has so much storage in this built-in IKEA cabinet.  Built between the studs, it's deep enough to store towels in it, and the myriad of things teenage girls need.

If this is a sign of what the entire finished basement will look like, I'm getting even more anxious to finish things up.