Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love that it was handcarved, and not by a stranger in a far-off land. I love how it came to be in my care, with words of advice and reverence, knowledge of its creator and its own history.

It has left a grin on my face that has been there since last Thursday and every time I look at it I am reminded again of the immense trust that has been placed in me.

And I am so very grateful.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful and moving. Obviously it was waiting to be loved by you!

Rosa said...

It is a lovely instrument!

Rennay said...

Hi Evelyn.
Yvon sent me a note about your blog so I thought I would check it out. It's great. I also wanted to compliment you on your photography. It's really artistic!!

Hope everything is going well.

Take care.