Thursday, March 5, 2009


...the latest project!

This may just look like any old bedroom to you, but this has been a project in our heads for about a year, and in the works for maybe half of that time. I didn't get any true "before" pictures. It was a room masquerading unsuccessfully as a guest room.

In reality, we strung up our laundry on three lines across the room. Only when guests were not actually sleeping there. And we stored a LOT of stuff in there.

On the side of this blog I'm experimenting with a Google ad. I did say that I would openly flog products when I love them. I don't think anyone will ever pay me to advertise here, so here are two unpaid advertisements from my heart of products that I discovered this week.

Thank you, Angie, for correctly guessing that "sunshine yellow" (aka schoolbus) was not what we wanted. This is a new Benjamin Moore paint called Aura. This stuff allowed us to cover all the icky wood panelling without any primer. Yay! Any step saved is an hour or two of my time to, doing the next step.
Weren't these walls lovely? Full of holes and panels that didn't fit together well, and there was a sticker from the 1986 Commonwealth Games on the wall (let's call it vintage). I'll miss the sticker. It was really special.

What you can't see in the pictures is the filthy stained carpet. Yesterday I was seriously considering ripping it out and using the excess paint on the plywood subfloor. But then I discovered this.

The Rug Doctor. Don't rip out any carpets until you try the Rug Doctor first. Unless it's 1970 shag and lived for decades with cats and dogs. Rip that out without thinking twice.
Our carpets are saved. This lovely yellow room has risen from the dusty heap of storage it was only last week. And there's one happy little girl sleeping in it tonight.


Rosa said...

Great Job!
And hurrah for Miss B!

Evelyn in Canada said...

You'll have to come by and see it. It's the most calm, clean place in the house right now. And it glows with a lovely yellow light.