Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

I'm not seeing spring yet outside, but I can hear dripping sounds. The Little People house is still buried, but somehow the light feels like spring and it smells different.

And in our house there are definite signs of it's arrival. In February we planted the first batch of seeds and now the second round has begun.
Does anyone want any snapdragons? I've got probably 100 seedlings that haven't been separated yet and I'll never have room under my three lights for them. They may have to be sacrificed. It always hurt me to throw them away after they've tried so hard to go from tiny seed to little green seedlings with such promise.

And I love these. Aren't they beautiful?

Yvon thought they were eggs. They are castor beans, and planting four of them is probably more than I need, but finding homes for my excess is always an easy problem to deal with.

I'm trying tomatoes for the first time this year. My mother-in-law always seeds some for me but can't quite grasp how much I love fresh tomatoes and I always have to buy a few. I hope this year to have too many.
I'm also trying brocolli for the first time from seed. Look at this little thing.

Yvon thinks they look like fungus, but you have to remember how tiny it is right now. I'm playing with the macro settings on my camera.

I love walking into the garden with no dinner plans, and exiting with a bowl full of spinach, lettuce, beans or bean flowers, brocolli, tomatoes, zuchini and carrots. I can't wait until that time comes again. And every year it does and I'll never tire of it.

Other things I've seeded: leeks, kale, more snapdragons (giants ones), two kinds of basil, alyssum, fennel, and salvia. I love the true blue color of salvia. I hope I have too many of that too.


Rosa said...

I haven't started any snapdragons. . .

Evelyn in Canada said...

For you, I will separate the last bunch of seedlings. I have 50 already done to handle my own garden and some for the school. Now if the salvia are equally good at pollinating, I may have too much of everything, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.