Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Northern Life for Little People

Once upon a time there was a family of Little People. They lived in northern Alberta where they are accustomed to long months of snow. But in the past they spent it in a sheltered location.

In the fall of 2008, three giants removed their humble house from shelter and brought them out to enjoy the benefits of a clear view of the giant's abode and the swing set. Life was good for the Little People. They moved freely between sandy places and lush grassy forests. They frolicked and laughed. They traveled on the Little People Train, visited with the Little People Barn animals and the Little People Fire Truck was always at their command.

The giants tired of watching over the Little People. They abandoned the house and moved on to other pursuits. That was okay. The Little People didn't need the constant attention. And the view was better than it had been in the past. They used to look only at shelving of camping equipment and planting trays awaiting spring seeds.

Soon the white fluffy snow fell. How cosy it was in their little house for a time. However, it was open the cold, harsh winds of Alberta and the blowing snow. For a while that was uncomfortable, but then they were left with a snowy layer of insulation.

The ice that formed under their foundation keep them securely rooted to their spot in the grass. The wind would not bother the Little People. Even when the giants belately thought to move them into the sheltered storage, they could not be budged.

They lay forgotten under the snow. Their view was severly limited and as the months wore on, they tired of the color white. At one point the surrounding Little People Train Station, the Barn with its moo-ing cows and baa-ing sheep and the Fire Truck were freed from the ice, leaving them without hope of transportation, and many of their friends were moved indoors as well.

They were left alone. Alone and cold and stuck.

But then the snow started to melt a bit. They could access their top floor and see a bit of the world outside. There wasn't much to see but more snow, but it gave them hope.

And then it snowed again and buried them up to their rafters. Oh, when would spring come? Would the giants come to free them? Would they frolick in the grass again? Would the Fire Engine and Train come back to carry them away from this lonely spot?

It's looking a little grim for the Little People's House. But I have faith that spring will come again. I do believe that they can find their way upstairs again.


Anonymous said...

Who says you can't write. I laughed out loud. Those poor Little People.

Rosa said...

So did I!! :D