Saturday, March 28, 2009

Projects so far

I buy fabric like I buy groceries - in bulk when it's on sale. And like groceries, fabric has a relatively short useful shelf life. If I don't use it while the inspiration is hot, it may never be used. And it'll get stale and moldy.

That part isn't quite true. But it won't look as good or the colors and the concept will go out of style.

And the ground will thaw, at which point I'll be sidetracked by the garden and not wanting to sew again until sometime in December after I've rested up from the gardening.

I had a very productive day today. I do want to try to write a tutorial for this project because it turned out to be as easy and good looking as I thought it might be.

Two placemats, a scrap of brown cloth and a zipper from the re-use centre. The whole purse cost $6.95 + tax. Not bad.

I'll quickly show you what else I made today.

Ever since I made my massive vinyl messenger bag, Laura has wanted one too. It has a few of the same features as mine (the loop for tamagochi, pockets, notebook holder and spots for pencil crayons), but it's a much smaller version and easier to make. I learned a bit about vinyl when making mine.

1. Don't topstitch more than you have to.
2. Don't curse out loud when your kids are nearby.
3. Don't assume that your thread won't break three times within the last ten stitches of any seam.
4. Minimize your layers when at all possible.
5. Don't curse out loud when your kids are nearby.

It's done and luckily I don't have any more scraps to make another project.

And this top actually looks worse on the hanger, so I had to be in the picture. Don't blame the top for the bad picture. It turned out great and was super easy. The deal with Rosa was that I won't wear it to any garden party of hers. It's embarassing to match the napkins at a party!


Rosa said...

Okay, #1&#5, lol!
And that top is very cute!
Why is your head cut off though?!
I love both of the bags as well.
All I got done today was house cleaning. . .

Rosa said...

Ooops! make that #2 and #5. . .

Evelyn in Canada said...

My head is cut off because it looks better that way. Laura assures me that I can still live without my head. I actually wanted to focus on the top.

And you know that I don't really clean the house, so that frees up some of my time. :-)

Bonita said...

Okay, so now I'm a "follower" of your chaotic life! :-) I love, love the striped bag, and Laura's too! Oh, and the top is great as inspire me to sew. Oh wait... the feeling already passed.

You should definitely do a little tutorial of the striped bag, I'd love to give that a try!

Bonita said...

Hey Ev, while mom was here we made a flowery blouse for me using one of her patterns. It turned out great and I'm back on the sewing wagon... for now that is! :-) You know that neon pink top you gave me last summer? Do you know what the pattern is? It fits me pretty good and I want to find the pattern and size you used.