Friday, March 27, 2009

Plans, Plans and More Plans

Okay, so I woke up a little bit bummed out. Just before going to bed last night, I picked up the cello to practice. And the ebony fingerboard fell right off! Trust me to play the instrument for less than a week and then I wreck it. I was so worried last night about how to break the news to the owners.

Well, I called this morning and she laughed! I love these people. They lend me a cello for free with no return date and I immediately cause them expense and work. And she laughs! Thank you, thank you once again. I will sleep better tonight knowing that they are not worried or annoyed or don't trust me anymore. Big sigh of relief...

I spent the morning reading blogs while I thought I was waiting for someone to come to the house. It was very unproductive, but in my defence, I thought I was getting company at any moment so I didn't want to start anything.

By noon I was ready to do something and FabricLand had an awesome sale on. Rosa and I went and spent more money and planned more projects than we first had in mind. I went with one thought: Laura needs a poodle skirt for a school production. This is what I now have in my fabric stash with some half-hearted plans.

If I share them with you, I'll maybe follow through. What if you ask to see the finished product? I must do something now.

The pink stripe will make an awesome top for me. I don't usually steer towards the pretty stuff, but this caught my eye (only after I watched them cut some for Rosa). The solid pink is for the planned poodle skirt. Here is what I'm trying to emulate:

I'm not making the top. She can wear any solid t-shirt with it.

The grey fabric is quite heavy and I'm going to try to make yoga pants. Mine are all too short, and not in a good way. The Christmassy flannel is meant for new pajamas for Alice NEXT Christmas. Luckily she can't quite read yet or the surprise would be ruined!

I think I'm most excited by this green stripe. I bought two placemats to turn into a very easy purse. I might photo-document it into a how-to. It will be a $7 purse in the end and in my mind it's great.

The blah-looking fabric is for pants. I've found a make of jeans that are long enough, but anything else is always a problem. I miss my boring old capris of the '90s, so I'm going to make some boring pants. Pants that fit and match most things.

What should this be turned into? I've had it for a few years. It's very drapey. Laura thinks a tunic-y type of top, or one with an empire shirred waist and long and flowy sleeves. I think she might be onto something.

This one is beautiful, but again, I've had it for years and don't quite know what to do with it. It's a bit pretty for me, but some occasions call for pretty. Maybe.

I love this knit. Rosa doesn't, but she's too small to carry off the large print anyway. It's meant for a larger person, and I fit that description. If I think about it, most people are larger than Rosa, and few people are larger than me. We're a study in contrasts. Some sort of top for me out of this I think. Being more fall colours, I have time to think about it some more.

This is lovely fabric given to me with a little girl in mind. Alice would look adorable in the flower fabric with the polka-dot as trim. I'll have to use it before she isn't a little girl anymore. It threatens to happen any day now....
So, now that my fabric stash is out in the open, I'll start sewing and show you some finished projects. Soon. Maybe.

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