Friday, February 27, 2009

It is Well

For the longest time this winter was too cold to get outside and do anything with the kids.

Then it warmed up a bit and I managed to go skating a few times with them. Every year I get out a few times and I must say that I'm not very comfortable on skates. It's a lot of weight to balance on two thin blades and two little ankles. And I haven't really skated much since the hockey players took over our rink as a kid.

Anyway, one lovely Sunday I fell on my tailbone (remember the bruised butt post?) and the next weekend I landed on both knees in an icy pile of snow on the side of the rink. My tailbone seems to be slowly getting better, but one knee...not so much.

I'm not looking for a diagnosis here. I can't see anything wrong in my xray and I'll have to wait for the bone scan results as well.

As I watched the bone scan revealing itself on the computer screen today, I started to marvel about how well and detailed our bodies are designed. It's amazing that God would piece together all those little bones and make them function as a complete unit. And to make my pieces different than yours, unique to me alone. Not only that, but there is grand plan for each of my bones - how they will age and degenerate and that plan is unique to me as well.

The degenating part isn't great, I know. There were bright spots along my spine and in my feet that showed arthritis and my tailbone was glowing brighter than anywhere else. That doesn't worry me really. The bone scan was to investigate my knee. But if God will go to those lengths to plan my physical structure, how much more does He care about what the scan doesn't pick up -- my soul?

I got into the van and this song was playing on my CD player.

It Is Well With My Soul

All is going to be just fine. My knee doesn't really matter in the Grand Scheme.


Tamara Jansen said...

What a beautiful post! Hope the knee isn't serious :)

Adventures of Deesa said...

Excellent post! It is quite overwhelming when you start to really think of how powerful God is... AMAZING!