Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's for dinner

On the menu tonight:  Sausage and cheese quiche, orange slices and sauerkraut, with apple pie for dessert. 

I've tried gluten free pie crust before and it was quite disgusting.  One particularly horrible chicken pie that caused me to grind up some of my own rice flour, smell the purchased flour and my own and promptly throw away the purchased rice flour.  When you buy it you have no idea how old it is (it travelled from China to India and then to me, with how many stops in between) and I didn't actually know what non-rancid rice flour was supposed to taste or smell like.  Now I do and I won't be buying it anymore. 

Anyway, this was a new recipe and it tasted a bit sweet and was chewy.  Not tough the way a wheat flour crust can sometimes be, but actually chewy.  It wasn't unpleasant, but still not the perfect pie pastry.  I think the perfect pie pastry might be the GF cracker recipe I used last week. 

The sauerkraut was my first ever attempt at fermenting cabbage without the use of vinegar.  It was super easy and turned out really good.  It was also satisfying to see my old Medalta crock being used for it's original purpose; preserving food.  This year I'm growing about 10 heads of cabbage for sauerkraut.  The worms will no doubt feast as well, but we'll get a lot too. 


Unknown said...

So how do you make rice flour ... like, you just grind up ... rice?

The quiche looks awesome by the way :)

Evelyn in Canada said...

Yup. I use my grain mill for it. It's much softer than wheat so you might be able to mill it with a blender.

If you can eat wheat, don't bother with it though. It's a odd flavour that we're generally not used to and it's tough to bake with. It doesn't absorb liquids and fats in the way wheat does. It will take me a while to learn how to use it well.

Rebekah said...

That quiche looks yummy! We eat quiche every couple of weeks but we skip the crust completely. We don't even miss it and it's way easier!