Saturday, March 19, 2011

What We've Been Eating

Oddly enough, I occassionally eat dinner without my camera. The camera might be somewhere hidden among the barbies who pose for stop motion films, or I'm simply too distracted or hungry to think about a picture. Go figure.

So, on Red Meat Wednesday we ate a beef stoup. That's a Rachel Ray word which is pretty easy to figure out. It's too thick to be soup, too thin to be stew. It was too yummy to be nameless though, so "stoup" it was. There was little leftover for lunches. I had to go into work for a change, so I had breakfast, lunches and dinner made before 9:00. By that time the school had called for me to pick up a sick Beth and we went into work together. That's the day we discovered Tuba Ruba, so she wasn't really all that sick.

Thursday: Something with wilted cabbage and ranch dressing. I think it was a snacky supper with hummus and crackers, and fruit. I don't remember so it wasn't anything spectacular. Or planned.

Right after supper Rosa and I went to the Alberta Avenue Farmers Market and picked up some awesome things, one of which was garlic elk sausage. That led to Friday's supper.

Friday: This was a cop-out and proof that I don't make everything from scratch. PC White Cheddar mac 'n cheese, modified with pureed pumpkin and sundried tomato. And then shared between a batch of gluten-y pasta and GF pasta. Only Yvon and I ate the elk sausage because no one was really hungry.

Saturday: I had to make something for a potluck tomorrow. Because there are a number of celiac and GF people at the potluck, I made some lasagna noodles. GF noodles are easy enough to find, but I've not ever seen GF lasagha noodles.
I doubled the sauce so I'd have enough to make a lasagna for ourselves, but I ran out of dough for the noodle for our own lasagna. Our version had a layer of pureed carrots, layers of meat and cheese, and PC mac 'n cheese leftovers. Sounds weird maybe, but it all worked. It should be awesome tomorrow after the flavour all meld together. The one for tomorrow is much more traditional, although I do always throw some veggies in.

The bigger girls are at camp this weekend, so we've got leftover to last awhile. We may just get sick of it before it's all done.

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Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

So very nice that you have a farmer's market in WINTER! The farmer's markets around here don't open until June!!!!!