Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What We've Been Eating

Lots, of course.  And it's mostly been interesting and good.  Even if these food posts are only interesting to a couple of people (if that), it makes me serve good food to my family and try new things.

Thursday:  Salmon and rice with veggies in it.  The last time I bought lemons I bought a whole bag of them, juiced and zested them, and froze it in ice cube trays.  That made it easy to put lemon on each salmon chunk.  I guess sprinkling juice from a bottle is still easier.  The rice is almost a rice version of boerenkole with peas as well.  This year I dried a bunch of kale and I use it more than if I'd frozen it.  I'll have to do that again in the fall.

Last night:  Tuna and rice casserole that went over surprising well.  If we could eat Campbell's soup, I would have poured a whole can of Cream of Celery in, just like a classic Jean Pare casserole.  Alas, no Campbell's allowed here because of the soy content.

 Sunday:  Smokies with roasted potatoes and carrots.  Or Alice declared her's to be a potato mountain, with two pumpkin patches and a farmer's field.  I don't get it, but she ate it all. 

Saturday:  Little Caesar's pizza for 8 girls between 7 and 11 years old and one adult.  I ate fried rice with leftover carrots.  Note to self:  Get 4 pizzas next time.  Size is no indicator of ability to eat.  Beth says that's because it's not real food and it doesn't fill you up.  I'm so proud of her!  She understand the concept, but it doesn't stop her from eating vast quantities of the non-real food when offered. 

Last night:  Awesome ribs pasta and beans.

And Beth made us dessert.  A base of rice krispie/puffed corn squares, spread with cream cheese and a jar of saskatoon pie filling dumped on top.  Very yummy and even gluten free!

I'm not enjoying Blogger in Draft.  I can't move images easily or format things the way I want.  I thought the whole idea was to make posting easier. 

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Rosa said...

I find the food posts interesting!
Although they also make me feel guilty because it was my idea and I've been dioing terribly in this regard.
I'll have to try harder!