Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat Alberta!

This is very exciting and I registered as soon as I found out about it from the Dinner with Julie blog.    Blogs are where I get all my news, it seems. 

Rosa and I will be attending the Eat Alberta: A Celebration of Our Local Food Heroes.  We're going to learn to make sausage and cheese and who knows what else.  It sort of depends on what sessions we sign up for and it looks like we have to sign up fast because they were 40% sold out on their first day of ticket sales. 

Surprisingly, over the last couple of years I've come to recognize a lot of the names in the presenter list.  These are the hippies of the new millenium.  They live off the land, live in straw bale houses, fight the big Monsanto's of the world, and are a constant source of inspiration for me.  They read Michael Pollan, Sally Fallon, Weston Price and Joel Salatin. 

At the moment I read a lot of that, but I don't necessarily "live" it.  My goal is to get closer every year to eating local vegetables, avoiding BPAs in cans, growing heritage seeds, seed saving what I can, and eating less meat and more organic or "happy meat".  I don't live on a farm and I do love the convenience of the grocery store, but I do more and more of it myself and shop in the fresh aisles.  I'm also trying to do my best to not feel guilty when I do buy bananas regularly and grapes.  I do believe we vote for agriculture with our grocery dollars though so I'll continue trying in my small way to support local, non-GMO, happy products. 

Blah, blah, blah.  I haven't thought through this post very clearly.  I know that I live full of contradiction so please don't point fingers!  I'm about to learn more and much of it looks like it's hands-on so maybe I'll take one more thing home with me that gets me closer to that ideal.  

Check it out. 

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Stoney Creek Homestead said...

Thank you for supporting your local growers and for taking the initiative to not support GMO's. We raise 'natural' beef, sheep and chickens. I have also grown a garden for over 20 years. I have also canned our food for longer. Although I am still learning. I would like dry more herbs, and I would like to grow more herbs, too. I am too, taking a stand against BPAs. But I am trying to take the whole plastic thing to the next level, and just eliminate it out of my house altogether.

Keep up the good solid work, Ev.