Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's for Dinner

It's not a very balanced meal and it wasn't on my plan.  However, it was cheap Tuesday at Save-On-Foods and they had a deal on things I wouldn't normally buy.  $10 shrimp, and free linguine, baby veggies and alfredo sauce.  It sounded like an easy meal that would take no thought and my pork in the crockpot was really big and not quite finished anyway.  Meal plan, schmeal plan. 

This was a Jamie Oliver trick.  Slice your parmesan cheese with a potato peeler for long ribbons of cheese.  I like it and it's a bit less messy than the grater.

Alice's plate always looks sparse, but she wanted to be in the blog too.  The kids had leftover pesto pasta and we had our GF pasta and some flat flax bread, so the free linguini is saved for another time. 

Once the pork was finally cooked through, I pulled it all apart and had enough meat for 4 meals.   The plan was for roast beef to be made into Shepherd's Pie and Sloppy Joes this week, but the pork shoulders were easier to find in the freezer.  I'll just make pork versions of the same.

I still struggle with the idea of buying only grass-fed or sustainable meat.  (Have you watched Food Inc. yet?)  It's a great idea and we should probably eat less meat overall, but then I see a great sale ($8 for 4 meals of pork) and I think about our increasing utility bills and our stable income and I snatch it up. 

Somewhere there is a balance and I haven't found it yet.  Ignorance of the agri-business and the food industry is bliss and I sometimes wish I'd stayed a bit less informed.  Ask me about politics or wars overseas.  I know nothing about that.  Why didn't I stay that way about food?  It would make grocery shopping easier and less guilty.


Teddi Taylor said...

Hey Evelyn, you may still be able to buy a share in a cow for 50 lbs of ground beef, roasts & steaks, inspected, cut & wrapped for $275 from Gold Forest Grains. They're at the Alberta Ave Farmer's Market & you can find them online. Works out to $5.50/lb, which is a fantastic price. You have to buy your share now for meat in November.

Rebekah said...

I'm with you on the whole buying grassfed meat thing. I definitely would if I could afford to! And I do try to limit our pork intake cause it's probably the worst meat to eat when it's factory farmed, but I too have a hard time passing up a two foot long tenderloin for under $20 that gives us at least 8 meals! Or a big ham shoulder for $8. I usually buy the rest of my meat at costco cause I can get two roasts for under $20 and they give us 3-4 meals each. And costco meat seems pretty good, even though I don't have a clue where it came from. Like you said, ignorance is bliss.