Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Gonna Be Famous!

 Maybe not, but I do get to sing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in this place.

That's going to be me up there in (hopefully) a new black dress. 

Many moons ago I used to sing with a pretty decent local choral group, Da Camera Singers.  It's the only group I ever had to audition for and I still think I got in only because I knew the conductor at the time and he knew how I can sing when I'm not nervous. 

However I actually got in, I sang with them for two years and loved it.  They sang challenging music and probably what I learned most from that time was that I love singing in small groups, and preferably accappella.  Every week we were assigned a segment of our repertoire and would be randomly selected at the start of practice to sing it with a quartet in front of everyone.  I thought that would freak me out, but I really loved it.

Obviously I had to quit when we moved away and when we came back my life had changed somewhat.  We had Beth and Laura was on her way. More importantly, there was a new conductor that I didn't know.  Even if I'd had time to join them again, I've been too scared to audition for a stranger. 

But... I do have connections with the symphony and I was asked to join Da Camera just for one month, ending in two nights of performances, performing Maurice Durufle's Requiem.  If you've got time and inclination, we're singing on March 25th and 26th and it should be really good. 

It makes for a busier than usual month for me, with 9 rehearsals ahead of me, but I got in without a nerve-wracking audition.  You just gotta know the right people.


Coralee said...

I would love to be there - you'll be great, I'm sure!

cg said...

That's fantastic Ev!