Monday, March 7, 2011


Who knows what's for dinner. I'm totally winging it these days.

I discovered a good recipe for GF pancakes, so we had that twice over the weekend, once for dinner with meat and cheese. And on Friday we went to Red Robin for a surprise birthday party. They'll create a lettuce wrap for any of their sandwiches or burgers, so Yvon and I were both happy with our meals there. They don't really have a GF menu, but at least there is some accommodation for weird diets.

On Saturday night we drove out to Vimy for some family time and were treated to a yummy ham dinner. Most dinners are yummy when I don't have to cook or clean. I've been married now for 16 years and it's the first time we've gone to my brother-in-law's house. That's weird, but we always meet up at his parents and then don't generally socialize outside of that. We went to their son's school production of Grease and it was...well, it was a school production. Some kids could sing, some could act but few could do both well. It was still a good time though. Beth and Laura really liked it, but I realized that sex ed in elementary school is definitely not enough and I'll have to work some education into our conversation at home.

I had no pictures of the play or of dinners today. The kids have rediscovered stop motion animation with my camera and were busy over the two days of Teacher's Convention last week. I can't figure out how to share them with you, but Beth will no doubt figure it out.

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