Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weird potato balls

I really dislike Tuesdays, starting at about 3:30.  It's gotten a bit better since January, but this is how it usually goes.

At 3:30 I start looking out the window and watching for the girls, as if seeing them two minutes before they arrive at home will make things go more smoothly.  It doesn't help, but I sort of brace myself a bit.

I have snacks ready for grabbing on Tuesday and my mouth frames the words before the door closes behind Alice.  "Leave your coat and boots on - it's piano lesson day!"

No one likes Tuesdays. 

"Do you have something quiet to do for an hour, Alice?"
"I don't have a book!  I've finished them all and now there's nothing to read!"

Library day is Monday and by Tuesday she is always done her books.  We do still have books in every room in the house, but we go through this every Tuesday. 

"Find a book, any book or some crayons and paper and let's go." 
"Beth, are your fingernails trimmed?  Have you done your theory? Grab your books - let's go!"

Within fifteen minutes we have to be in the van and if the traffic is perfect we can make it in time.

Then we quietly sit for an hour while Beth plays the piano.  I always have a book, but usually my head is resenting that I've been dragged away from supper prep.

We get home between 5:30 - 5:45.  Before January, I would run in the house and grab some heated suppers for Laura and I (Yvon would have been home for about 10 minutes, enough time to take something out of the crock pot and fill bottles with milk) and the two of us would continue on to her choir practice, eating in the van and always be about 15 minutes late.  Oh, so relaxing.  Luckily Laura recruited two new choir members and now one does the drives three girls to choir and I only have to pick them up and deliver them to their homes.  That now gives me an hour at home to actually sit at the table with my family to eat. 

Tuesday still has to be a crock pot meal or we'll eat very late.  Tonight:  crockpot chicken, carrots and corn, apple sauce and odd potato dumplings. 

They were kind of good actually and a first time thing for us.  I picked up a soy-free, wheat-free processed package.  It was an add-water and boil affair.  I'd be willing to try it from scratch next time. 

And this is Alice's plate again. 

Besides being symmetrical, I can't remember what she said it was.  A face maybe?


Rosa said...

it looks like a face to me! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a tree silly.