Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Night's Dinner

Okay, I'm still playing with this "Blogger in Draft" thing and I'm not totally convinced it's a good thing. 

However, I did get my meal plan inserted.  Can you even read it?  I'm hoping it expands when you click on it.   The idea ot to organize myself and get food out of my head a bit.  Some days it seems like that's all I think about.  Not that I'm actually eating all day, but I'm think about it alot.  What do I need to prepare?  Do we have any meat in the freezer?  Are we eating the food I preserved or are we buying stuff we already have?  Other days I don't think about it at all and suddenly the kids run in the door from school with "I'm starving" out of their mouths before the door fully opens and I have nothing ready or planned.

Hopefully this will help.

Wednesdays are "Red Meat" days because we host a vegetarian's daughter on those nights and she relies on vitamins for her iron instead of the meat that makes her mother ill to prepare.  It's not a moral issue, so she's happy to have her daughter eat red meat every time she's in our home. 

Hamburgers and corn.  In the fall she helped us shuck the corn on the front lawn.  The kids would race each other.  Shuck three ears of corn, run around the house, and shuck three more.  "Farm games" she called it.  Now she gets to eat the corn she helped us prepare. 

I made ranch dressing for the first time from a Pioneer Woman recipe.  It was fine, but not fabulous.  And my carmelized onions turned out to be mostly burnt.  One of my burners is much hotter than the others and I regularly burn things that need to cook slowly. 

This is the GF version.  Long hamburger wrapped in lettuce leaves.  The kids had standard round burgers and buns. 

Our mocktails after school today look more appetizing really.  Lemonade, apple juice and variations of the two mixed with a grape on the side.  Laura likes making pretty drinks and we like drinking them. 

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Rosa said...

Looks good! I have to start coming up with meal plans that use up what I have stored at home. I'm starting to see why meat and potatoes everyday was so popular. There's not a lot to think about. Maybe the Omas had something there. . .