Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's been for dinner?

While everyone was away last weekend, I took the opportunity to go out to a neighbourhood Indian restaurant, a place the kids wouldn't enjoy.  They made me wheat-free roti which was nice of them.

I love these little deep-fried cheese balls drenched in honey, but I limited myself to three and made myself eat some fruit too.

And I ate leftovers, but I got to eat in front of the TV because I didn't have to set a good example for the kids or be sociable. 

And I made the best homemade mac-n-cheese with white wine (in the sauce and in the glass).  Again, I watched a movie while eating.  What luxury!

With the lack of computer this week, I didn't bother with pictures, but we still ate and I added to the meal plan.  I do still like the plan, but I have to be more flexible.  And maybe communicate to Yvon what the plan is, because he defrosted (and we all ate) ham for lunch this weekend, but it's on my plan for tomorrow's quiche!  I'll think of something else I guess.

Tonight's meal:  taco salad.  Tacos were always my go-to meal when the kids were really little and sometimes went days without meat.  Taco meat would get a bit of protein back into them. 

It's also the meal that alerted us to the soy allergies that Beth and Alice have.  The "taco feeling" was what Beth called the feeling she'd get on her tongue.  It was finally traced back to the soy protein in the seasoning mix I used to use.  Now I mix my own, minus the soy.

We spent 3 hours swimming this afternoon, and that contributed to their appetites as well.  It will probably help them sleep too.  It will definitely help me sleep!

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