Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dinner Plans

Hmm.  I wanted to show you my new thing but this weird Blogger change isn't letting me insert the image. 

I've been trying to put in a few more paid hours this year and so far that has been the case.  However, I'm finding that it means I might have to be a bit more organized in other areas of my life in order to still accomplish the same things. 

Eating is important to me, so I thought I'd start there.  Yesterday I made up a meal plan for four weeks.  That's a bit long and I'm sure it will change along the way, but I thought I'd try that and adjust as we go. 

I also thought that I might be more accountable if I journal about it here.  Rosa is going to do the same (it was her idea, actually) and we're going to blog "What's For Dinner" each day.  I'm hoping that I won't embarrass myself with night after night of KD or all starch meals.  Maybe we'll have some balance and I'll be be more deliberate about eating what I've grown.  Or maybe I'll be shocked at our portion sizes and learn something. 

So, here is tonight's meal:  An omelet-y thing with sausage and cheese and pork cracklings (from my last lard rendering), salad and gluten-free biscuits (for Yvon and I) and buns for the others. 

Notice the white eggs?  The ladies are slowing down and I had to actually buy some eggs.  I hope it's just a winter thing.

Having it planned in advance allowed me to prepare everything and put it in the fridge for a quick cooking between piano lessons and parent council meeting.  

The plan (if you were allowed to see it right now) also includes prepping things for the next day.  Tomorrow is burgers so I had to make mayonnaise today and defrost the meat.  Now that's done, I don't have to think about it tomorrow.  And the mayo was nice with our salad tonight, but a vinegary dressing would have worked too.

The GF biscuits (the first time I've made them) turned out okay.  Not awesome, but not overly crumbly either.  It's always an experiment at this point.

Beth thought it would helpful to all of my loyal readers (that's the two of you!) to show you what the non-GF version looked like.  It's only a difference of a bun, but it's a yeasty yummy bun.

So, if you're not into what's on my table, I'll still blog about whatever else is on my mind too, but I'll post those separately for easy skipping.  And I won't always be so verbose. 

Or maybe I will. 


Rosa said...

Looks good!
I had eggs for dinner as well.
I can see if I get get you eggs from Caroline if you want.

Evelyn in Canada said...

That would be great, actually. I'd love a dozen each week if she's got them. Hopefully this will only last a month or two.

Unknown said...

I'd eat at your house. :)
(and I'm picky about my food!)