Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's for Dinner...and again

It was not on our plan, but if I didn't have a plan neither of these meals would have pulled together so easily.

The plan was to go to a potluck dinner with the church, but at 4:30 our volunteer (and much appreciated!) plumber was still not ready to leave. I had SO hoped to have my first bath in the clawfoot tub last night, but the tightness of the space made installation of the plumbing much harder than anticipated.

In any case the roasted potatoes were planned, so all I had to do was steam some brocolli, cut off some pork from the meat planned for Monday and make a few sauces. Red wine and mushroom gravy (for the adults) and creamy sause made by Laura for the brocolli. It was all yummy.

Although I wasn't originally thrilled with this ranch dressing earlier in the week, it's been great on our food this week. Good to have on hand.

Tonight the huge pork shoulder in the crock pot was still not cooked to soft perfection, so we ate leftovers.

Wilted cabbage, fish, creamed corn and the rest of the roasted potatoes with pineapple spears for dessert. The ranch dressing was stirred through the cabbage and was really, really good. Even the kids needed no prodding.

I'm liking the meal plan so far. Tonight I'll have to plan a week to tack onto what I've already done.

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Unknown said...

Oooh, cabbage with ranch dressing! That sounds lovely.