Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's for Dinner

My menu plan said to make tartar sauce but I got lazy.  After all, what is tartar sauce?  It's basically just relish and mayo mixed, so I just put both on my fish. 

We were missing two children at dinner tonight, so I didn't even get any complaints about the fish.  Yay!  We really should eat fish more often but I hate the whining that goes with it.  (Oo, maybe a white wine sauce next time!)

There really were not enough veggies with the meal, hence the fruit.  Sometimes it's just easier and it's still the same food group.  I just realized that I grew nothing in this meal.  Not very local, I'm afraid.   

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Rosa said...

I LOVE it when I serve a meal that gets NO complaints. Even now with grown up kids it still happens.