Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When an 11 yr old cooks

I didn't have time to cook anything and asked Laura and her friend if they could prepare supper while we were at piano lessons.  It could be anything.  Forget about gluten-free, it could even be just dessert as long as some fruit were involved. 

This is what we came home to. 

Menus and flowers.  And a waitress to take our orders.

We were treated to smoothies of our choice, an appetizer of a fresh chocolate cookie, ginger ale or water in fancy glasses. 

Gluten-free brownies and an open-face smore.

And finished with a sundae of our choice as well.  I chose saskatoon with smarties.

Maybe not the healthiest of suppers, but it contained fruit and dairy, and if you count the chickpeas in the brownie, even some veggies and protein.  And does this look like an unhappy face?

That's what I thought. 


Rosa said...

Very Nice! Wish I had been there to share in the deliciousness! :D

Donna Milward said...

Wow...I'm kinda jealous...and hungry!