Sunday, February 12, 2012

All freshness and light

Okay, so I managed to get some alone time this week and it was good.  And what did I do with it?

Exercising.  Even on a Friday night!  I am finally starting to feel like the exercising is starting to benefit.  I've been exercising with a friend 3x a week since September.  It's been time-consuming and kind of fun, but I'm not losing any weight whatsoever.  While that's disappointing, I've lately been waking in the morning being "aware" of my muscles.  Not sore exactly, just like I can feel muscles in my arms and the back of my thighs.  I'm thinking that's a good thing. 

And I've been painting. This is what my one wall looked like in our room.

It wasn't always that streaky - that's after I sanded a couple of areas, but that's truly how dark and shiny it was.  I understand the color.  Forest Green was popular at one time, but why did they paint all of the walls and ceilings in high gloss?  And why did it take 11 years for me to change it?  Maybe that's the most important question.

And this was our very lovely ceiling light.

Only one halogen light worked in the fixture and we could hardly see into our closet in the morning.

And this is what the room looks like now. 

Sooooo much better!  In the late afternoon the room actually glows.  It's so pretty.  And at night it's nice too.  And notice the matching white bedside tables?  Nice! 

All is far from done though.  The "white" walls are far from white and they are still glossy.  So far the room hasn't cost anything because I had the yellow left over from Beth's room two years ago.  I don't have any white though. 

I am planning to buy the good low-VOC stuff like the yellow.  That stuff is fabulous to work with.  It didn't drip anywhere, even though I did the ceiling without covering the bed.  I'm not saying I recommend that, but I'm just saying that the biggest mess you're likely to make with this paint is if you step on the lid.  Benjamin Moore Aura.  Buy it.  You won't regret it. 

Okay, so all is going smoothly so far, except this. 

Not only is the wire not centred in the ceiling, but it also doesn't have a light box.  I need one for my new fixture, so that means finding a beam, cutting a hole and moving the wires to it.  Nothing that I've done before and I'm a bit hesitant, although I know the concept is simple.  Finding the beam is what is currently stopping me from cutting the new hole where I want it.  I have a nice new fixture from the Habitat Store ($12.50!).  Hopefully this week I'll try it.  Then I have some holes to fill, prime and paint.  

Oh yeah.  And I noticed that my knees and legs are stronger this year by the ease in which I climbed on and off the stool while painting the ceiling and getting on and off the floor cutting in at the baseboards. 

None of my other activities were done alone.  Two choir practices, a community league meeting, potluck at the school, serving a meal to the innercity needy, a games party last night, a child's birthday party, making soup for 40 people at church, a sewing lesson, piano lessons for the girls. 

One day I'll remember these busy days with fondness.  For now, I look forward to laying on my bed, alone, in the late afternoon with a good book and silence in the house.

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Bonita said...

Your bedroom looks great! It looks so bright and cheerful.