Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's start at the very beginning

I didn't commit to daily postings, did I?  Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Thursdays are so busy, but I go a head start on my tasks this morning and had chicken and pasta sauce bubbling away by the time Beth called at 8:00 for her oboe to be brought to school. 

Today's activities include a sewing lesson for a young girl.  I'm finding it tough to teach someone who self-taught for a while and now thinks she can jump into the hard stuff without truly knowing the basics.  I do that myself a lot.  Sometimes all it takes is a failed project or two for me to realize that learning from the beginning is a good thing.

I think the current project we are working on is going to be one of those failures.  While it might make her come to her senses and start with simple projects that I recommend, I don't actually want to see her fail. 

Instead of working with easy-to-sew cotton, she took a commissioned project from her dad.  A pouch made of thick denim, lots of pockets and fairly large.  And, being raised frugally and in a recycle-friendly home, she insisted on it being made out of old jeans.   Poop.  The machine is having difficulty, the fabric is slightly small, there are many layers and it's not great.  I do hope it works out in the end, but it's not been an easy learning experience for her. 

Next time, a simple cotton project.  With a pattern.  And new materials. 

So that's what I'm looking forward to today.  What are your plans?


Rosa said...

Oh dear! I feel your pain! I hate sewing with denim, which I why I finally Stopped saving old jeans. :D

Rosa said...

You are doing pretty good on the posting though!