Monday, February 6, 2012

Selfish time

It's been an odd week, child-wise.  Sometimes I feel like I don't get any time to myself.  It's not true really.  I get lots of time after the kids are in bed, and sometimes they all go to school, but it just seems like they are stealing my time when it doesn't work that way.  It's selfish of me, but I love my lonely times.

Monday and Tuesday turned out to be PD days for Beth.  Originally I thought, "It'll be nice to spend two days alone with Beth."  Then I remembered that I exercise on Monday mornings out of the house and that seems to take all morning.  And in the afternoon I had agreed to teach a young friend how to sew by whipping up a small project together.  With that young friend came her mother and sister, and then my other two girls were suddenly home from school.  No alone time with Beth. 

And then I vaguely remembered that I may have checked a box on a field trip form saying that I could maybe volunteer to accompany them.  "Did I say I'd spend Tuesday at the museum with your class?" I asked, hoping that she'd say no.  "Yeah! And the teacher told everyone that you'd be there!!"  Shoot.  6 hours spend in the museum with 8-year-olds learning about rocks and minerals.  I don't even like rocks and minerals.  No alone time with Beth.

Wednesday.  Alone at last, I thought!  Nope.  Beth went to school and called from the school before classes even started, asking for a ride home because she was sick.  So, some alone time with Beth maybe, but she spent it in bed and I tried to be quiet in the house for her sake.  Wednesday always involves one extra child after school, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders' meetings, one dog to be walked and my own choir practice.  We quite happily managed getting Alice to Brownies and walked the dog.  Quickly made supper and prepared to go to Guides, a Pathfinder's ceremony, and if the ceremony was quick, I could still make it to choir practice.  That was not to be.  Not this week. 

On the way to Pathfinders (which Beth thought she was well enough to attend), her finger unexpected turned yellow.

Yellow!! Like it was dipped to her second knuckle in dusty yellow powdered paint.  Change in plans!  Maybe an evening at the hospital was in order instead.   We were quite freaked out actually.  I wish I'd thought to take a picture, but it looked like this (only on one finger though).

We are happily ignorant of many medical things, but sometimes it would be nice to know when freaking out is justified. 

Anyway, it went away and tingled a bit after Beth breathed warm air on her finger, so we stayed home, but I also skipped choir in case it happened again so that Yvon wouldn't have to drag the whole family to emerg.  It didn't happen again and we had time to Google and self-diagnose.  It sounds like a clear case of Renauld's Syndrome.  Nothing much to worry about, but we've got to schedule a physical for her and make sure a doctor knows.  

Thursday:  Beth was still not feeling great and stayed home.  By noon, all kids were home (they have a half-day on Thursdays) and I had two extra kids.  I do love having the kids home with me, and I love that our home is a place that friends like to hang out in, but is it selfish to wish they would all go outside for a few hours and leave me alone?  I just wanted to be alone!!  Instead, I took them skating while I exercised at the community hall with two friends.  Then a meeting at night that I didn't feel like attending.

Friday:  PD day for Laura and Alice.  Beth did have school but STILL wasn't feeling well enough for a full-day field trip that would have been awesome.  Amazingly, she was fine to go skiing at night.  It's my own fault, but I offered to take the girls skiing, and bring one extra friend as well.  By this time in the week I didn't want to do that anymore.  I just wanted some time to myself. 

Here's hoping for a quieter week this week.  Maybe with some alone time built into it somewhere.  For one thing, I'm forcing Beth to go to school.  There was a lot of social activity over the weekend during which she felt just fine, so school should be just fine too.  Maybe we'll get to spend quality time together at a doctor's appointment and have her finger issues checked out.  Sounds like fun, no?

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