Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tiny Beaded Creatures

Just before the girls' birthday we were gifted with a bag full of books and crafts. 

This one in particular has gotten a lot of use lately.  I love Klutz Books. 

They are so well designed, including all of the right materials and clear directions. 

When we hung these charming mermaids in the fish bowl, our beta fish wasn't so impressed.  Being territorial, he checked them out closely and we removed them before he started trying to eat them. 

We're not positive what we'll do with them all.  We thought of earrings, but some of the designs are a bit too big.  These dragonflies might work as earrings.

The other thought was to include them in the Spring Sale where we've rented a table.  The idea was to attach them to some copper bookmarks. 

I'm not sure I can part with them all.  We may just have to buy some more seed beads and keep creating.  They are so cute!

Thanks for all the well-received baskets of gifts!  I'm not sure who loves them more, me or the girls.

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Rosa said...

those are very cute!