Friday, January 6, 2012

New Beauties

Today the hairdresser had time for two more of us. 



I think the biggest difference in Beth is the natural light.  It makes our skin look better, but Beth couldn't keep a normal face while squinting into the bright sun. 

I'm not actually sure about my cut.  It's assymetrical and not really me, but because I'm virtually blind while getting the cut, I wasn't able to see what was going on.  I love that it's short again, but I may take a swipe at the length by my right ear.  I'll give it a few days trial before I make any changes myself though. 

Alice is next, but I'm not sure when we'll make time for her.  She's a lower priority because she doesn't even comb her hair on a regular basis. 


Coralee said...

Looking good, ladies!

Donna M. said...

Yep. Lovin' the new hair :)

Bonita said...

Love your haircut Ev! It makes me want to forget about growing out my a hair... it's so tempting to get it chopped off again!!