Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Haircut

The last of us finally got her hair cut.  It's not a huge change because she is growing her hair.  She's had short hair since she cut the back herself when she was 3.  She's the lucky one.  Barbie will never again have long hair. 

But that was more than half a lifetime away, so I can understand why she might want a change. 

I've always loved her hair when it was cut really short.  Oh well.  She's a big girl and is allowed a bit of say now.

And I had my hair fixed on Sunday in the washroom of the church.  The first person I ran into was a hairdresser who grabbed some dull office scissors and did what I didn't quite have the guts to do - remove the assymetrical look that I've never really liked. 

It's better now.   

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