Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another bag

Before Christmas I made another fairly quick bag.  I loved the fabric that I used.  I almost always use stash fabrics from past projects, planned-but-never-finished projects or donations from others who know I'll eventually find a use for it. 

 It was nice to sew with new fabric for a change.

The idea was to create a knitting bag.  The request was for "something to carry projects in that looks better than the current grocery bag that I'm using".  It wasn't tough to improve on a grocery bag, but I'm not a knitter.

Every bag needs a zippered pocket somewhere.  In this case, I thought maybe she would carry those little knitting counter thingy-s, or cable thingy-s or circular needles.  I don't really know. 

I do know that knitters occasionally use those pointy sticks.  On the inside I made long sleeves to store some of those pointy sticks.  It's hard to see, but they had to be angled in order to make the bag a smaller size.  I didn't want the bag as deep as the needles.  

This is the only thing that makes this bag different than a regular book bag or messenger bag.  It's silly to be proud of my knitting needle pockets, but there you have it.  I'm silly. 


Unknown said...

The pockets are brilliant!

As a knitter I can tell you that the only key requirements of a knitting bag are no velcro (it snags yarn), pockets to hold the small stuff (which you did) and lots of space!


Anonymous said...

thanks, Ev. My bag is being well used and I've already had lots of compliments on the fabric used. Very cool...