Monday, January 23, 2012

And the other party

Eleven.  I'm already seeing signs that this may be an odd age.  An age where some teenage activities are desired and some childish ones as well.  Example:  A purple cow birthday cake, an elegant lunch at The Creperie followed by a spa birthday party.  Who is this middle child of mine? 


This was a great party and she's still young enough to not mind if I tag along and hang out with her friends. 

The mood was set with candles and smelly incense. 

We started out with foot baths with a selection of oils and salts for them to choose from.  While their feet soaked, they ate orange cupcakes in martini glasses with vanilla pudding and whipping cream.  It all looked very grown up until they licked out their glasses! 

Then they all submitted to foot massages, even the ticklish girls.   Alice is a great masseuse and gave a few back massages as well.  There were different creams for that too. 

I liked the facials the best.  I mixed up some avocado, yoghurt and honey and it felt great on our faces.  The cucumbers were good too and they were in no rush to clean off the goop.  One girl kept saying "I feel like a million bucks!" so I'm thinking that was a good thing. 

After cleaning it off, they were spritzed with Witch Hazel toner and smeared with a moisturizer.  They did each other's toenails with all sorts of colors and I had my toes very prettily done as well. 

Fruit kabobs and then the evening ended with a late showing of "Sense and Sensibilities".  It was a really fun night and nice to feel a bit pampered.  They crashed around midnight and I was allowed to sleep in the next morning while Yvon made them all waffles. 

My birthday is next, but I think I'll keep it much simpler!  I'd like to not have to cook all day and maybe go to a play.  I'll probably have to plan that myself but that's easier.

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Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday party! I'd like one like that for myself:)