Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sharing my space

 There are always things that I'd like to change about the garden.

I'd like to throw away the red wagon that is often found in odd places or filled with bricks and toys.  I run into Polly Pocket houses and mini rafts in the rain barrel, pick up hula hoops all the time, and put bikes back in the garage.  There are deflated balls and broken bits of water balloons adding colour where only green belongs.  Sometimes there are pulley systems set up with baskets for transporting notes or lunches to high places. 

Laura makes the swing set look pretty in pictures, but in reality I'd like to get rid of the red and white rusty thing.

However, I don't live here alone.

A rabbit and one of Polly's houses
I'm glad I don't live here alone.  And I'm glad the girls are not growing up too fast.  I'm glad Polly gets dressed in Lady's Mantle leaves sewn together with pine needles and floats on rafts made of old corn stalks.  I love to see the creative play.

Alice can keep her swing set for a few more years if she loves using it.  I'll have lots of years in the house without little girls.  It can wait.

In the meantime, I'll just have to be careful not to disturb play spaces with the lawn mower and shovels.

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