Monday, June 24, 2013

June in bullets

  • Garden in.
  • School almost done.
  • Carrots reseeded.
  • Gate ready to be installed.  Need new fence post.
  • Bag of concrete solidified by rainfall.
  • Lawn mower broken.
  • Awards Night attended.  (French Language award!  Honours after only 2 years! Band Award! - my academic superstar)
  • Final band concert attended.
  • Choir alumni practiced and sang yesterday (45 member church choir singing only our own director's compositions - Awesome!!)
  • Joined search committee for new choir director.
  • Started next year's fundraising plan for Laura's Quebec trip.
  • Said goodbye to elementary school parent council.
  • Worked 20-30 hours per week.
  • Painted the swing set.  Ready for bean pole strings.
  • Piano recital attended.
  • Father's Day celebrated.
  • Quit community league executive.  
  • Rode my bike to work and church - once.  :-(  Need to get back on that horse.
  • Kept my family in food and clothing.
  • Drove kids everywhere.  Glad to see the annual end to Guides, band, choir.
  • Got the final tally for Quebec trip fundraising.  Only paid $80 out of $2100!!  Yay to the grocery card sales and everyone who bought the $35,000 of cards we sold!  Thank you!

It's all a blur and now it's back to work.  I'll be better about blogging and taking pictures in July.  I'm so ready for a summer holiday.

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