Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring in Edmonton

Ah, what lovely weather we're having this morning. 

In all honesty, it's not very cold and the soil needs it. 

It's heart attack snow.  I'm sure the Inuits have a name for this type.  I shovelled the front already and it's more like scooping buckets of heavy water and dumping it in the vegetable-growing areas of the garden. 

So, without the deep thoughts and insites that you're used to reading here, these are the pictures on my camera this morning.  

The coop that will hopefully welcome more residents this spring:

The chair that Beth was reading in on Tuesday evening:

The hoola hoops I'm starting to learn to use: 

Beth told me to stop talking about my butt size and start doing something about it. The idea was that we would hoop together for 15 minutes a day. I get a sore back long before that because of all of the reaching to the ground to keep picking it up and starting again, but I can sometimes keep it up.  I won't be hooping outside today.

The simple coldframe I nailed together last week:

I've got seeds under it, and celery and parsley that were starting indoors are holding up.

The clothesline that I started using outdoors again (but again, not today):

My rain barrels that I uprighted last week thinking that gardening season would soon be upon us:

Buried under the snow are some tulips coming up!  They'll like this snow, but I'm happy enough without it.

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