Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Overwintering Geraniums

There are many ways to overwinter geraniums.  I've now only tried two methods, and I don't think you'll find my lazy approach on Youtube or any instructable sites.  I've dug them out of the garden and planted them indoors, keeping them alive in a somewhat sunny window.  As spring approaches, I usually will take some cutting from the mother plant and start them in their own pots, making one plant into a few.  This is an approach that you might actually find as a tried-and-true method.

 I had a few really healthy geraniums by the time frost hit last fall, so I decided to take some cuttings.  I planted two of them and one is blooming now. 

In spite of all my gardening and indoor seed starting, I'm terrible at keep houseplants alive, so this method is perhaps not the plants best chance of survival around here. 

So I tried something new this year.  I had taken more cuttings that never quite got into pots.  They hung out in a mason jar of water all winter.  I had good intentions, but once gardening season is done, I'm usually done too.  I left them in the jar and they produced healthy roots and stayed alive.

Laura and I finally planted them this week and they look pretty good.  They may have forgotten what soil felt like, but they knew what to do when their roots finally had some access.  This is one I hope will survive.  Laura has adopted it as her own. 

Because it's so cute!!

I hope it lives.  That is one tiny pot!

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