Thursday, April 19, 2012


We all love taking pictures in this house and we are now all armed with cameras.  Each camera has it's different strength, but so does each photographer.  I love how different our tastes or approaches are.  My camera has the best macro option, so Laura snags it sometimes.  It's one of her favourite settings.

I've been busily planting up all of my seedlings for the garden.  Every year I do more and more as my garden expands, as my mother-in-law has stopped seeding tomato plants for me and I try not to buy so many nursery plants.  Because I'm running out of room under my basement lights and am starting to learn which seedlings prefer a bit of heat, I've finally brought a big light and table into the living room this year. 

I like to take pictures of the big picture, the overall look.  The way I actually see the plants under the lights. 

These are mostly my Mediteranean plants. Basil, tomato, eggplant (something new for me this year) and peppers.  They can all do with a bit of warmer air.

Laura loves the beauty of the individual plant or leaf.



Squash (which may have been an early mistake)

Red pepper that wouldn't germinate downstairs


Is it diversity that makes the world go 'round?  Or love?  I can't remember which.  Maybe it's the love of diversity that makes the world go 'round.  In any case, I love finding pictures on my camera that I didn't put there.  They usually show a perspective I might not have seen otherwise. 

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