Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday was a very busy day, but not as hard as I had expected. We began by borrowing an awesome big truck from a friend. One who isn't afraid of a little dirt, although the truck was spotless at the beginning of the day.
Then we went here. They were hopping busy.

After a few hours of selling Girl Guide cookies, we told Beth to lay on the grass for her last time. She still claims that it is the softest grass we have. She's forgotten the mushrooms, the fairy rings, ant hills and dandelions that really make up this "grass".

I always have these grand plans and then have to rope Yvon and his muscles into the project. It doesn't seem to matter that I actually go to a gym sometimes to build muscle. He will always be stronger than me and I'm grateful for that really.

It hasn't rained for a while, so the sod rolls weren't all that heavy. Even Beth could help. Laura liked discovering the ants beneath the surface, but otherwise wasn't that involved. And little Alice was sick with a mild fever.

Then we took a much needed break and to gaze at the river.

Isn't it lovely? And we weren't alone. This turns out to be the beautiful view from the landfill.

Around here, many people apparently spend the first sunny, warm spring day of the season standing in line at the landfill after a day cleaning up the yard or garage. It was a huge line.

While waiting in the line I had a chance to look at their community garden. They have a large plot maintained by volunteers and all of the produce goes to the local Food Bank. I'm sure it's productive (the soil looked good and it's a totally sunny spot), but it's not pretty. I want our garden to look pretty with some fruit trees and a few picnic tables.

We got the dumping part of the project over with as quickly as we could. The view wasn't as pretty here.

And speaking of things not pretty, this is how the yard looks now.

I hope it doesn't effect the sale of the house next door in a negative way. I'm hoping that after new soil is added this week and it's all rototilled it will start to reveal the vision instead of the mess.

Look! Our first flower.

It may only be the size of my thumbnail, but it's not brown, is it? I must be thankful for what I get right now.

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