Thursday, May 21, 2009

Circling Dreams

I haven't been sleeping well lately. Besides my never-ending coughing, my brain is reeling with images and dreams and plans. Why can't it just rest when the rest of my body is tired?

This is essentially the dream. I will be going about my business and everything somehow becomes a piece in a beautiful quilt. I spend time with a group in a meeting. Plans are made, laughter rings out and suddenly the scene gets cut into a strip and sewn into place. Then I morph into a gardening scene, planting a lovely garden on a beautiful spring day. Everything is big and healthy and blooming all at once. Then this scene gets cut into a strip and sewn onto the meeting strip. Then I morph again into a farmer's role, feeding my baby chicks, collecting eggs and chatting with my neighbour as he leans on a pitchfork on the other side of my fence. This too gets cut into a strip and sewn onto the other pieces. And so on and so on and so on....

Even if I wake up, I launch right back into the weird quilting dream. It's all very tiring.

Most of my friends and family inspire me in different ways. We just returned from a visit to my parents. And this is what Mom presented to Alice.

I love it! (but it disturbs my sleep) She says it's easy and I want to try making one tomorrow, but I think I'm busy.

I'm busy with this other project or two. When I'm with Mom, I usually try to go to the fabric outlet that sells primarily to the Hutterite colonies in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. We benefit from their bulk buying by getting a good variety of fabrics at discounted prices. Works for me! But my brain is still full of the plans from my last fabric binge.

And then there are these.

50 chicks is too many for me, but I've been dreaming since this winter about having just a few chickens. It's still illegal here in town, but I don't think it's enforced unless your neighbours complain. 50 were mighty smelly, but three wouldn't be so bad, would it? I took pictures of my Dad's fairly simple setup and I think it's do-able. Maybe next spring.

Then there is this ongoing project.

And the ongoing freezing temperatures and snow that continue to stop me from getting the garden planted. I'm getting mold on the soil of my seedlings and most are in real need of getting into a bigger space with some air circulation and sunlight.

In theory I could plant the back garden seeds, but I want the front garden to get the first pick, and whatever isn't that beautiful or sprawls too much will go in the back. In spite of the reeling mind, the plans never really congeal for me until I've actually got my hands in the dirt.

When is it REALLY going to be spring?!?

In the meantime, I can work on some of the indoor dreams and clear some brain space. Space that maybe is necessary for a good night's sleep.

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