Saturday, May 23, 2009

And now I wait

It's done!!

Yesterday was a good day of friendship and community. A friend offered his truck and his muscle to help deliver and shovel fresh soil with me. While working, we spoke with the new neighbour across the street, an old neighbour next door, kids and parents as they walked home from school. I love that. The longer I live in this neighbourhood, the neighbourhood we bought into "in spite" of it's lack of charm or character, I realize that the character comes from the people. And the people are good.

I tilled last night and planted my baby seedlings all morning, stopping only to eat a fresh gifted muffin and donate lots of excess perennials to a new friend.

And now I wait for the seeds to germinate and pray that my babies don't fry in the sun. It was a very hot day. And last week there was snow. It's a crazy climate.

I read this on another blog recently. Why do people insist of planting red and yellow tulips when there is so much variety out there? I love this combination of purple, white and the little grape hyacinths.

This was Beth's prayer tonight.
"God, thank you for this awesome, fun day. Please make tomorrow be just as much fun and to go slowly. If time flies when you're having fun, please make the plane run out of gas."
Have an awesome, fun day tomorrow and may the time pass slowly.


Rosa said...

Ditto to Beth's prayer!
And Your garden looks great Ev. I drove by it quickly last night.
You want to come over and dig at my place now that you're done?

Bonita said...

Love Beth's prayer, it's priceless! I've told some friends that one, and they think it's very profound....

Speaking of prayers: the other day a beautiful little Robin hit the kitchen window with a huge bang... we watched him for a few hours as he recuperated from the collision, before flying off with an obviously injured leg and wing... so that night Simon prayed: And God, please help that Robin feel better soon and heal him please. And can you also tell the bird tthat it's just a reflection so he won't do it again??

Evelyn in Canada said...

I love praying with the kids at night. It's the time they are most willing to let you see what they are really feeling and thinking through. They are much more honest with God than to me.