Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Walk Around the Garden

It's far from perfect, but it makes me happy and I gaze at it often from the viewpoint at our bedroom window...

I'm almost done laying bricks along all of the pathways.  I'll save some extra bricks for stacked tables on the patio.  I may need them because my paths never seem very permanent. 

This was one of five bouquets that the kids picked for their teachers on their last day of school yesterday.

My herb circle is growing nicely and we've been eating from our spinach for about a week or so.  Besides the herbs and radishes, that's really all we've got so far.  I did test the celery and it was fairly large, but I'm not sure if it's okay to pull off stalks here and there. 

I haven't gotten any garlic scapes yet.  Does anyone know when we should be expecting those?  I don't see anything forming on the stalks at all. 

I love this combination of floppy peonies and snow-in-summer. And it smells beautiful.  I've been picking them for in the house ever since they started blooming and the lilacs stopped.

These are mostly beans and radishes, with carrots hiding under and between the radishes. 

This looks like it might be a banner year for roses. 

I've always loved Lady's Mantle in other people's gardens.  Now that I have some, I'm not so sure how the yellow fits in with the rest of the pink tones.   The dark Sweet Williams and the rogue perennial foxglove in this spot look okay with them, but it's not my favourite vignette. 

This makes me very happy.  Fresh strawberries! 


Coralee said...

oh, Ev! It's all soooo beautiful!

Rosa said...

hey! it's not snpwing on your blog anymore! :D

Evelyn in Canada said...

Coralee: Thanks! You're not coming to Alberta at all this summer are you? I'd love to have you over for coffee in the garden and meet the family.

Rosa: It's still snowing in the banner. I don't have time to figure out again how to change that (I've only created them with a program on my old computer). I thought the dandelion showed my natural lazy tolerance for weeds. Keep an eye on the strawberries as you go for walks past them and help yourself!