Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's not all in

Well, it would have been all in. It was all in, but I did a crazy thing tonight and expanded my available land.

I hate to see bare soil. It sucks up rainwater and does nothing but produce weeds. It's ugly. It screams for plants and it will grow whatever seeds are thrown in its direction. Dandelions, camomile and other weeds are the most readily available and the space gets filled.

But I could be trying new things there instead. Things I don't have space for.

I'll show you pictures later, but I now have access to a large garden with beautiful soil just down the block. It's got a compost bin and a massive rain barrel about four times the size of my own at home. And a hose and running water if that runs out.

We still call the house "our farmer neighbour's". Sadly, the farmer himself died about two years ago, followed shortly after by his wife. It's now a rental and the renter can't afford the seeds and plants to plant it up. I would think that she couldn't afford not to plant it if that's truly the case.
However, I'm not going to teach her home economics. I'm going to grow veggies! And I'll share with her as a thank-you (using the plant-a-row, share-a-row concept).

The farmer took great care of the soil. It's lovely and loose, rich and dark. You can pull the weeds up and get their full carrot-like roots without much effort. I'v been warned that it's too rich to grow good potatoes, but I will try. It can't be too rich for corn though. And beans for drying. And maybe enough peas to successfully have a few meals. And I'll throw in a few flowers because I have trouble with straight rows of veggies.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully do some serious weeding and then I'll plant neat rows, mulch heavily and see what happens.

Tonight I will dream of the possibilities.


Stoney Creek Homestead said...


My garden isn't all in. I plant by the moon. I know it sounds weird but I have been doing it so long now, I forgot why I tried it in the first place! Your garden seedlings are looking awesome! My celery looks pathetic compared to yours. I may have started mine to late. My growing zone is about a 1b. I hope you have a bountiful garden this year!


A Canadian Foodie said...

Good for you! Those were the days - the days of the back alley. I wish there was one around here. Then I might see a find like you did!
Great idea - and easy to share - and so worth it.