Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 years of Easter Seals (so far)

When Yvon first started working at his first non-paint-related job (and may I say - Yay!), he started a role within an administrative group. I don't know why it is, but admin people tend to have to organize all the events, and because of that, they also tend to be key participants in the events. I've been there too. When people don't sign up as volunteers, you tend to sign yourself up.
The Easter Seals event was organized by another member of his admin group for years. When Yvon joined them, of course he chose to add his name to the list of walkers. Walking to raise funds for persons with disabilities.

The second year, I joined him. I think we walked around with Alice in a stroller and left the other girls in the big company tent snacking and playing with other employees' kids. It was fun, but we left when the girls started getting grumpy in the heat.

On the the third year four of us managed to walk around the route.  Alice was at a birthday party.  I know it's supposed to be about the raising of money.  Yvon's company generally raises among the most as a group in the Edmonton event, with their senior partner right near the top for individual donations raised.  For me, I just like hanging out in the big tent, eating or BBQing all day, playing games and visiting.  It's a good day at the park.  In the year shown below, it was REALLY hot and
Laura wasn't the happiest camper by the time we thought of taking a picture.

She did look beautiful at one point in the day because a hairdressing group was freely styling hair. Then we jumped in the pool and ruined her lovely ringlets. Ah well.   That was the year I accidentally fed Beth some lethal peanut granola bar too.  It maybe wasn't our best year.
On the fourth year all of us did the walk twice.  And came out smiling!   Yvon was co-captain of the team last year, so he spent a lot of time at Rundle Park.

I think it's a 2.5km route, but the heat can make that feel really long.  We did great and I've noticed that we have more fun each year as the kids get older and less...tantrummy.  That's a word, right? 
This year we're upping the ante again.  Yvon took on the role of captain this year and we are going to camp on the site.  I'm hoping the activities and behaviour in the middle of the night is truly family-friendly.  There is a bonfire and sing-along planned, the pool is open again to participants, of course there's food all day, and a murder mystery dinner. 
There is always a theme to the whole event.  This year it is the Silver Screen and we've been working on a little decoration for our tent.  I'll show you when it's done because it's been a fun creative project but it won't be totally done until tomorrow.
And we are scheduled to walk three times this year.  Once at midnight because the girls wanted to do it in the dark.  We'll be totally wiped by the time Beth has her piano recital on Sunday night, but it should be fun! 
Pray for good weather on our first campout of the summer. It's not been good this week  If you want to make an online donation, you can do so here.  Thanks to everyone who has already!

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