Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A blur of end-of-year field trips

I wish they'd just let the kids off of school sometime in mid-June. There doesn't seem to be much curriculum that needs covering and they just spend their days having fun. Maybe that's so they'll remember school as being fun and want to return in September?  In order to have fun with them, I find myself volunteering for field trips.

I spent a wet, rainy day getting close and personal with the Grade 2 class.

And with a rat.

And with a snake (obviously not together!).

This class was not at all put off by the weather.  Some of them wore garbage bags and just got on with their day.  
Others were totally worn out. 

I ended the day with a nap as well.  I admire the energy that teachers have.  I could absolutely not be with this number of kids and their varying degrees of energy every day.  Once in a while is fun though.

They've also gone to the waterslide, to a party at Fort Edmonton, Field Day was all day on Monday.  I am useless as a chaperone at a waterslide because I'm totally blind without my glasses, and I wasn't invited to Fort Edmonton (that was hosted by AMA, I think, for the patrollers), but I spent all day in the hot sun on Monday for Field Day.  It was actually fun too, watching kids run relays with rubber pigs between their legs.  I'm sure I'll miss all of this when the girls are out of elementary school, so I'm making the most of it all now. 

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