Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google Ads

When I first started this blog, I included ads on the side because I was curious how they worked. I'd been playing with a blog scheme with a friend that involved making money (if possible) and that may have involved blog ads.
It's interesting how they work. Google ads are smart cookies. When I posted about sewing machines, suddenly there were ads about fabrics and antique Singer parts. When I posted about gardening, seed sites showed up and tips on how to compost. When I posted about the kids, good parenting forums and child behavioural issue site showed up. Did it sense that I needed those things, or was it trying to backup my own awesome parenting skills with proven tactics? Or perhaps that your presence here suggests problems with your own children? Who's to know?
Anyway, it's been fun to see what shows up but it's not at all profitable and I didn't expect it to be.
I'm not allowed to click on the ads even when they interest me, and I'm not allowed to ask you to click on them. But I am going to! When I finally reach $10 in profit, I'd like to do a give-away. Mostly I want to do this because the silent lurkers may suddenly show themselves by entering my contest. I don't know who is visiting regulary from Colorado, and Texas and Washington, and someone in Australia. I'd like to know these things.
So click once in a while and I'll give back the proceeds to someone out there in the tiny group of readers!
(Editorial note: Okay, these are weird ads now, so you might want to wait until I have another post with different content so that the ads change.)

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