Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snow in Summer

The ground was covered in white stuff this morning. Although not unknown or even uncommon in Edmonton, it wasn't snow.

It was a very windy night last night and the neighbour's tree was shedding.

It's still this full of blossoms even after filling our yard with the white petals. It's very pretty right now.

Can you see the dried apples from last year? We've had free access to the apples from this tree every year, but there were a few worms on it last year so we didn't pick many. Even the birds didn't eat them all because it was pretty packed last year too. It never seems to have a "down" year. We'll be getting new neighbours this year and I'm not sure that our access rights were included on the bill of sale.

I've been picking lilacs from their tree as well this week. Stealing maybe, but technically they hang over our property. I'm not sure if they will allow that either, so I'm picking before they actually move in and we establish what our rights will be.

Here's a silly question. What's the best way to throw away a garbage pail?

For two weeks now I've left this broken garbage can out with the...well, with the garbage, but the friendly waste management people leave it behind. Maybe I'll write a big note on it next week "Please, please take me with you too!"

Public Service Announcement: If you use your garbage pail to transport sand, don't be impatient and drop it off the side of your vehicle. Wait until your husband comes home to help lift it, or empty it by the shovelful until it's a bit lighter to move gently. Your back will thank you, the driveway will be cleaner and your garbage pail will not become garbage itself.

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