Sunday, June 7, 2009

Creativity Blossoms

Yeah, the garden is starting to blossom, but I still have time for bits of creativity in other parts of my life too.

Continuing with my desire to make or buy homemade gifts for friends, I made this t-shirt this week for one of Beth's friends. I love these iron-on sheets for the printer. All of my free Photoshop trials have run out, so I have started using Gimp for some of this work. I haven't played too much with it, but this effect sort of suited Emma's slightly rebellious streak.

There are two birthdays next Saturday and I think I'll wimp out and buy things. I may change my mind, but I have no idea what to make for them. Two 6-year-old girls. Any ideas? Neither of them have my pencil/art cases yet, but one is quite definitely not crafty.

Although I "created" her a few years back, I wanted to show off Laura and her new "do". She's been growing her hair forever and it was lovely and long and fairly thick, but it was getting impossible to brush out and keep tangle-free. Hopefully this will work better. So far, she's been pain-free. And she looks as beautiful as ever.

And this is my new "do".

It's pretty much always a variation on the same theme, but because I wait so long to get it cut, it always looks like a drastic change. It's good and like Laura's, pain-free so far. And Mom, you'll be happy to note that there is still enough length in the back to see some curl.

I spent years hating the curls that only appear on the back of my head, but I've grown to like them. I'll never have long hair again though. I'm much too lazy for that.

And this is my latest tranformation of fabric stash to clothing in the closet this week. Neither of these fabrics actually come from the ones I shared back in March. There's a lot in my closet yet from shopping sprees further in the past (and some skeletons too, I'm sure). I've had the blouse fabric for so long that I consider this a free blouse. The skirt fabric comes from the Hutterite store. I can't actually imagine them wearing this. Would they make a matching head covering, I wonder?

I need a proper full-length mirror one of these days. I can't capture both my head and feet in this one. You've seen my head, so now you've got my feet.

While visiting my parents, Mom gave me her recipe for overnight buns. I made them once with plain white flour and it was a great success, so I tried it again with a multigrain flour and came up with this.

Sticky cinnamon buns (plus four loaves of bread for the week). The buns were a bit dry, but we still managed to eat 13 of them for breakfast this morning. They couldn't have been that bad.

And Laura saw beauty in this.

I preferred the buns themselves rather than the stickly pan, but it always interests me where she sees art.


Rosa said...

You sure have been busy!
Love both of the haircuts to!!

Bonita said...

Love the hair Ev! You look awesome with short hair.

And I like your green blouse and skirt too! I'm going to email you a photo that Cameron took of me in my new summer top that I made a couple of weeks ago....