Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictoral Summary

I've been away. You know, living life instead of just reading or recording it. And I have so many things to talk about, but no energy to sort them into anything you would be willing to read.

So, here's how I've been spending some of my time since the kids have gotten out of school. I'll show you in pictures and in that way I'm fulfilling part of a challenge to include Mounties and Mountains for the international "crowd".

Rosa and I promoted the community garden idea at a local festival.

Then we drove to Banff to meet up with family there.

We hiked every day, some of us limited by physical restrictions. Beth managed an 8.2 km up-mountain hike one day, impressing us all. Next year I hope my knees are back to normal and I can do something like too. Banff provides a lot of flat, easier hikes though and we hiked a few kms every day.

We looked at things up close...

and we saw the beauty in the distance too.

And we toured the Banff Spring Hotel. Looking half-heartedly for the haunted stairwell was probably as bad for my knees as any uphill hike, but I love that place.

And we saw Mounties!

While we were gone the garden was nicely rained on and is growing very quickly. We've eaten twice from the spinach now. I haven't written anything about the garden for awhile, so I'll try to get my act together this week and show some before-and-after pictures.


Bonita said...

Wah... I want to go to Banff!! Who did you meet up with??

The boys are I were looking through a scrapbook the other day and Cameron looked a a photo and said "what's Jade's moms name again??" That made me very sad and I called Neil right away.... we need to get to Alberta!! I don't think it's going to happen but I would love to get in the car and drive.... sigh.

Loved the photos of Banff.

Coralee said...

what a great looking trip! so jealous of the ride with the mounties!

Rosa said...

Looks like a great vacation!
Hope you feel better soon. :)

Adventures of Deesa said...

Great post! Those are some awesome pics of the girls witht he mounties! I so wish I could get to do that!
I Love Banff!